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Transitioning a business can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. It turns out there are 4 core components to consider...  And if you get them right, the conflict resolution usually runs very smoothly.

Now, they’re probably not the kind of questions you might be thinking. It’s not always about the financial factors... In fact, those things do not actually matter as much if you address the foundation first, and that’s exactly what these 4 key insights are about.

So here they are...

Conflict Resolution in Business with David Werdiger

Intergenerational Relations

1. Engage with all members of the family
2. Ask difficult questions
3. Help create the space within the family to have difficult discussions on roles and responsibilities
4. Preparing children for wealth


1. Create family charter, estate planning, family councils, boards
2. Prepare for future growth
3. Help the next generation develop the skills to lead the family
4. Establish entry and exit rules and remuneration of family members and non-family managers

Organizational Structure

1. Address past and present issues
2. Prepare for new opportunities or future challenges as they arise
3. Individual and/or management advisory
4. Ongoing education programs; next generation leadership development

Succession Risk Assessment

1. Identify roles, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the business
2. Identify or redefine life purpose after family business 
3. Define and execute a succession plan
Now you might be reading this thinking it might be useful to have a conversation with someone who’s already been down this road before. Someone who knows all the ins and outs, and pitfalls to avoid.

And we can do exactly that.

On the bottoms of this page you’ll find a link to an application. They’ll cover a few clarifying questions to see if we are a good fit to work together. Go ahead and fill them out, and when you click the button, you’ll be taken over to my calendar where you can pick a time that works for you.

Thanks for investing your time with me, I look forward to finding out more about what you want to accomplish, and how I might be able to help you reach your goals.
Talk Soon,
- David

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David Werdiger, Founder and Principal in Nathanson Pearson Family Advisory, is an experienced technology entrepreneur, strategic thinker and adviser and familosopher; philanthropist and not-for-profit innovator, public speaker and author.
Specialties Include:
Conflict Resolution
Communication Management
Strategic Planning
Succession & Continuity
Leadership Development
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