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The exact strategies you can follow for David Werdiger's designed-for-profit succession planning program and a complete conflict resolution guide for your family business.

What You Will Learn

Transition Results
How to set up your transition plan to cover (a) how to govern but stay operationally in touch, (b) increase profitability, (c) make staff more accountable for high level decisions.
Business Principles
Utilizing the principles in this book DW shares how to fully understand what succession steps are required and how it works so you can master how to step away from your business profitably.
Before You Retire
Step-by-Step Workbook exercises you can implement in your business and get great results. You'll be better equipped than 90% of other family businesses that are looking to transition from one generation to the next.

What Readers are Saying

"Saved my marriage"
"Implementing the business strategies in David's book, TRANSITION, not only grew my business from break-even to 4X my investment, it saved my marriage!"
"Succession wins"
"Utilizing the principles in this book I was able to reconnect with my 3rd generation heirs to become passionate about taking over the business!"
"Conflict resolved"
"David's advice on conflict resolution was the most practical tool in shifting the corporate cuture from a battle-of-wills to cooperative achievement."

What Are You Waiting For?

David Werdiger has successfully started and sold 3 tech companies in addition to transitioning from one 3rd generation Family Office to establish his own SFO to prepare his children and grandchildren for succession.
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