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Transition Digital Training with David Werdiger
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Transition with David Werdiger #1 Best-Selling Author
The top 3 causes of Business Owner burnout include long hours, family strife and organizational chart mismanagement. A dose of preventive medicine could go a long way.

With the Transition Digital Video Course, you'll establish a course of treatment and never leave the success milestones of your business to chance ever again.   Because when the right prescription works, we ensure you are at your best, every single day. David Werdiger is a master mediator who has succeeded in growing and selling multiple businesses.
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Transition Book
#1 International Best Seller Transition by David Werdiger
Free book plus shipping. Transition is a powerful tool to guide the balance of business structure and family lifestyle. We cover the cost of the book, you pay S&H.
#1 International Best Seller Transition by David Werdiger
Best choice for those who are tactile in their learning. Add the workbook to your order for $9.95.
Audio Book
#1 International Best Seller Transition by David Werdiger
Transition is available in audio for those who multi-task, listen on a commute or during an exercise routine. Limited Time $9.95
#1 International Best Seller Transition by David Werdiger
David Werdiger is an avid writer and story teller. The free archive of his newsletter Family Matters addresses both his Transition content and relates it to 3rd party news on what it takes to balance work-life in the 21st Cenury.
Video Training
David Werdiger delivers Transition;Video Training
David Werdiger shares key excerpts from his book Transition in this 8-module video course. Learn how he overcame entrepreneurial limitations and built a vacation lifestye.
Org Culture Talk
David Werdiger Organizational Culture of Acceptance
The culture of family and business often puts entrepreneurs into a rut of overwork and survival existence. David Werdiger breaks through these barriers with wisdom.
Immigrant Talk
Every family has a story that sets a tone for how they live and thrive in life. Listen to David Werdiger's story of his immigrant parents and his second generation perspective on family and business success.
Fathers & Sons
David Werdiger delivers a powerful talk at the Macau Private Wealth Management APAC Summit. He speaks to the evolution of generational wealth and transitioning business to a new economy.
7 Sins Talk
David Werdiger Transition
David Werdiger shares how the 7 Sins of Entrepreneurial Wealth can be driven by more than the fear-based myths of generations-past.
Risk Audit
David Werdiger Risk Assessment Audit
Take the quiz and schedule a Business Succession Risk Assessment with David Werdiger. Coming soon...
1-on-1 Consult
Fast track your career with a 1-on-1 consultation with David Werdiger.
Group Consult
Receive David Werdiger's insight into what makes a business grow and learn from the room through QandA.
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